15 Anime Recommandations for Animal Lovers

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There are a number of reasons that people love animals.

Not only can they be cute, but unlike us, they seem to be devoid of all of the malevolence that people bring on each other.

Though we are still a long way from being a crazy cat lady, but here’s some anime for animal lovers.

1. Polar Bear Café (しろくまカフェ)

Polar Bear Café is a slice-of-life anime featuring personified animals that act like ordinary humans.

The café is a place where animals and humans are served by a charismatic Polar bear whose tall tales pair well with his big ego.

2. Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット)

This anime is expert-level shoujo: fluffy, heartwarming, and at times tear-jerking.

The animals in this series, based on the Chinese zodiac, are quite memorable.

3. Useless Animals / Damekko Doubutsu   (だめっこどうぶつ)

In this comedy, Uruno–a useless wolf, is searching for a new place to call home.

He eventually encounters “The Useless Forest”, a haven where animals with unusual characteristics cavort.

A few of the critters you’ll encounter are a hot-headed rabbit, a nearsighted eagle, a sake-drinking unicorn, and a whale that can’t swim.

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