15 Amazingly Horrible Eyebrow Fails That Make You Cringe

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There are people who put so much effort in their own look, but just don’t succeed.

On the other hand, they involuntarily look totally hilarious.

How? These 15 hilarious eyebrow fails pictures are going to make you cringe.

1. An inch and a half high

How has she get the proportions of her eyebrows so desperately wrong? When are anyone’s eyebrows an inch and a half high?

Also – what’s up with the coloring here?

2. The longest and highest

This girl has the longest and highest eyebrows in the world.

Every application of these mammoth brows must surely run out a whole eyebrow liner pencil.

3. Gangsta look

This is someone who cannot get away with a hip-hop style, with a gangsta look.

Or that hairstyle, actually. In fact, this photo could slot into quite a few different fail categories.

4. Fashion choice

You seriously have to wonder what the idea is behind this fashion choice.

We’re wondering if this girl’s eyebrows are based on the tadpole. Or worse still, a little sperm.

Either way, it’s not something you’d go out of your way to plaster all over your face.

5. Cartoon come to life

It’s not every day that you see a man who’s a cartoon come to life.

Rarer still do you witness a man who draws on his own eyeborws, mustache and beard. This guy offers so much.

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