14 Smartest Anime Characters of All Time

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5. Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

Conan is still very talented and extremely intelligent in using detective skills as he continues to show his keen ability of attention to detail and a photographic memory. 

He's a person who has incredible knowledge on many subjects in several categories which help him solve the toughest cases that come to him. 

He is also very skilled in medical situations like first aid and survival skills. He is a great athlete in several sports including skateboarding and soccer.

Conan is an all around Intelligent person, but he can't sing if his life depended on it!

6. Johan Liebert (Monster)

This character may be a bit on the horrible side, but nonetheless, he still is extremely intelligent in a way that he's manipulative and corruptive.

Considered to be the next Adolf Hitler, he has a level of charisma that is extraordinary and effective in causing suffering and destruction in the world. His main goal is to be the last man standing when the world is ending. 

He has deductive reasoning and is an excellent talker who always knows what to say at the right moment. He can gain anything he wants without limitations and fear, this includes wealth, power, loyal friends, allies, etc.

The world is his playground and he plays dirty!

7. Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)

While tiny little Ed might seem like an odd choice here, let me just point out to you that this boy taught himself some of the most complicated alchemy in the world... at the age of 10! 

He (sort of) raised the dead with nothing but a couple of books lying around. This is the kind of alchemy even the most seasoned alchemists would struggle with. He's a child prodigy through and through.

8. Shiro (No Game No Life) 

This character is a genius in her own way.

She is terrifying when it comes to logic and problem solving, she is a master chess player and able to speak 18 languages fluently including the Imanity language she encounters during the show. 

She learns this Imanity language in only 15 minutes, impressive, and she also happens to be an excellent gamer in over 280 games. She possesses supernatural like intelligence and has the ability to calculate and simulate almost anything.

Shiro has also beaten a chess program several times that was designed to defeat grand master chess players, repeatedly.

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