14 of the Most Iconic Anime Masks In Existence

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Masks are worn for a variety of reasons-protection purposes, fashion, to hide one's identity, and so on. This goes for anime characters as well. 

The mysterious allure of their secret identity is something of true beauty. Let's check out 14 of the most iconic anime masks in existence!

1. Kakashi's mask From Naruto

Design: black anime mask that covers half of Kakashi's face

While there are numerous masked characters in Naruto, Kakashi represents one of the most curious, as no one seems to know what he looks like behind his veil. 

What kind of lips does he have? What does his chin look like? Why does he hide a portion of his face? Kakashi gains special recognition for stealing the spotlight on a number of occasions with comical segments devoted towards his mysterious mask. Kakashi never reveals what he looks like and takes great care in keeping it a secret.


2. Kagetane's mask From Black Bullet

Design: a white mask which exposes portions of Kagetane's eyes and jawline

Kagetane's entire personality and appearance is a prime example of a true antagonist not bound by rules. 

Kagetane’s outfit reflects a most esteemed gentleman, except for his disturbing mask that hides his face. His mask depicts a frighteningly happy smile that hints at his psychotic and murderous personality.

3. Hei's mask From Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha

Design: a white mask with a purple lightning symbol on the right eye and a red slit across the mouth

If you have ever been to an anime convention, chances are you have seen a few Hei cosplayers. Split between multiple personalities, Hei is a prime example of someone who dons a mask to hide who they are. 

As a killer working for The Syndicate, Hei takes on multiple personas and identities depending on the job, and as such there is always a mystery surrounding who Hei really is. 

One thing is certain about Hei: his white mask with a purple lightning symbol over the right eye identifies him as a dangerous and troubled soul.

4. Zero's mask From Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Design: a black and indigo mask which appears opaque on the outside, but is actually transparent from the inside

A man who represents more of an anti-hero protagonist, the mask of Zero is an emotionless helmet shrouded in darkness and uncertainty. 

In Code Geass, Zero represents many things; he is an influential mastermind; a bringer of death; a symbol of freedom; and a voice for the people. The alter ego was created for the purpose of defying the Britannia family in order to quench his thirst for vengeance.

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