14 Most Embarrassing Examples of Celebrities Doing The Walk Of Shame

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Disheveled hair, last night's clothes, a face full of smudged make-up and feelings of regret, it's often impossible to hide the infamous "walk of shame." 

And naturally, as it happens to all of us, celebrities are no different.

Here's our top pick of stars that were caught red handed doing the walk of shame, or shall we call it... the "stride of pride?"

1. January Jones

Last night's cocktail dress, a messy hair-do, an early morning taxi ride back home, January Jones succeeds in participating in one of the most infamous celebrity "walks of shame" of all time.

Just the night before, she hosted the GW, Nautica and Oceans World Day Party in West Hollywood, looking fantastic:

Where did she stay that night, I wonder?


2. Justin Bieber leaves a brothel in Rio de Janiero

Covered by a bed-sheet by his security team, Justin Bieber was busted sneaking out of a popular brothel in Rio in 2013. A gray tattoo on Bieber's inner wrist can be clearly seen in other photos from the incident.

3. Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio leave his hotel just minutes apart

When you're indulging in such a high-profile romance, maybe it's worth leaving slightly longer than a few minutes apart after a night of passion? Clearly Blake and Leo didn't think that one through too well...

4. Kim Kardashian sneaks out of Kanye's apartment

Reportedly, the reality star snuck out of Kanye's apartment wearing the same leather trousers and top that she wore the previous night during their date. Cheeky!

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