14 Most Embarrassing Cheerleading Moments That'll Make Your Day

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12. Almost

This is what happens when you “almost” catch a professional cheerleader. She ends up smacking her face on a hardwood floor. 

You can tell she’s hitting the floor with a lot of force. Look at the way her hair is whipping up in the back. That had to be one painful spill, it was anything but “Magic” for sure.

13. Go….Other….Team

Okay, so nothing is quite as embarrassing or ridiculous as this. 

It’s one thing to be a fan in the stands cheering for the wrong team, but when you are indeed a cheerleader, cheering for the wrong team, there is an issue. 

We wonder if she got her pom-poms taken away for that one.

14. At Least It’s Spelled Right

Okay, so these cheerleaders went all out. Unlike the cheerleaders in #2, they at least got their sign spelled correctly. 

Yet you have to wonder why someone at some point didn’t recognize all of those letters being upside down? 

Just look at number 9 again. If you had to deal with that at your job, you would never show up again!

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