14 Most Embarrassing Cheerleading Moments That'll Make Your Day

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8. The Modified Scorpion

What happens when your feet kick up over your head, but the rest of your body does not follow suit well, you end up in a classic scorpion position.

This cheerleader has a unique take on the pose, but she still gets bonus points for trying to pull it off in grand fashion!

9. So Much Pain

Have you ever seen so many squinty eyes in one picture? This is one big pile of tangled, falling cheerleaders. 

They might want to scrap this routine altogether. credit: forums.techguy.org

10. Take That!

Okay, so this one is staged, but it is still really funny. 

When Will Ferrell was filming his movie, Semi-Pro, the script called for him to nail a cheerleader with a basketball.

 This picture catches all of the action and makes it look like he actually knocked her to the ground. If you didn’t know any better, you would swear it was real.

11. Og. Well it almost says that

“Go” upside down and backwards is about as close to “Og” as you can get. Just asked this girl in the picture, she will tell you the same thing. 

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