14 Most Embarrassing Cheerleading Moments That'll Make Your Day

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4. Grass Face

Good thing that grass looks soft; it probably helped soften the impact. Hopefully, the only thing injured was her pride.

5. So Many Bad Endings

Looking at this photo you can only tell one thing… Nobody is going to catch her. Anytime you see people cringing with their hands in the air, it is never a good thing. 

Usually it’s the sort of thing you see in a Godzilla movie, but seeing it play out with cheerleaders means it will probably end up the same way… messy.

6. Atlas

At least that’s probably how this guy feels. He looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, yet his passenger seems none the wiser. 

One thing is for sure, he will probably hit the gym more frequently from now on to prevent another episode like this.

7. Awkward

We are not exactly sure what is going on here. Maybe he was supposed to catch her and missed, or maybe she was supposed to jump and didn’t. 

Either way, the ending is much more awkward than either one of them could have ever hoped for.

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