14 Most Embarrassing Cheerleading Moments That'll Make Your Day

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Keith Wilson dreams to be a cheerleader so he tried out for the Miami Heat’s cheerleading team. He didn’t make the team, though.

However, after reading this list, Wilson might change his mind. Because sometimes cheerleading is harder than any job you could imagine. 

1. Nice shot.

We’re not sure how many points you score for making a goal like this, but it has to be a game winner for sure.

2. Hooked on Phonics

Evidently, these ladies are trying to reinforce the stereotype concerning cheerleaders and intelligence. Either that, or “spirt” is a real thing. 

Maybe it is a sort of chewing gum or energy drink. Whatever it is, we can guess your answer to the question is “No.”

3. Stage Fright

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a cheerleader catches stage fright, look no further. 

Not all of us are destined to be in the limelight. Bonus points for the landing on her feet, though. We can’t say the same for this next one!

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