14 LGBTQ Celebrities You Didn't Know Came Out in 2016

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11. Shane Dawson

For years, YouTube sensation and funny guy Shane Dawson was suspected of being gay. He would often perform hilarious skits in which he would play flamboyant characters or feisty females. Plus, with his cute emo haircut and his higher-pitched voice, he set off plenty of people’s gaydar. 

About 6 months ago, Dawson released a YouTube video on his channel simply titled “I’m Bisexual.” In the video, Dawson told his 6 million followers that he had been struggling with his sexual identity for years, and that he wasn’t sure whether he was straight or gay or somewhere in between. 

He hoped that by releasing his video for his fans, others would realize that they’re not alone in their struggles with sexuality. Stating that, “I don’t know who I am 100 percent. And I know that a lot of you guys might feel the same way,” Dawson preferred to call himself a bisexual.

12. Trey Pearson

Pearson, frontman of the Christian rock band Everyday Sunday, came out in May, publishing an open letter to fans about how his decision to live openly relates to his faith.

“I never wanted to be gay,” he wrote. “I was scared of what God would think and what all of these people I loved would think about me; so it was never an option for me.”

He described how he married his wife, Lauren, believing he could simply will his homosexuality away.

“Trying not to be gay, has only led to a desire for intimacy in friendships which pushed friends away, and it has resulted in a marriage where I couldn’t love or satisfy my wife in a way that she needed.” (The two are now close friends.)

He said he’s come out publicly to help foster change in the church.

“It’s not just me,” he added. “There are millions of people going through what I’m going through right now.”

13. Rayvon Owen

Some of you may remember Rayvon Owen from American Idol’s 14th season, on which he was the third runner-up. The 24-year-old singer was nearly guaranteed success in the music world after his American Idol performances, but people were not expecting the star to come out, especially in the way that he did. 

Owen released a music video for his song “Can’t Fight It”, and in this video, he explores the concept of his sexuality and how he had to come to terms with it. 

In “Can’t Fight It,” Owen can be seen going through a nightclub, and the sexy vibe lets us know that something’s up. By the end of the music video, Owen has found a guy that suits his fancy. He takes the man’s hand, kisses him, and thus reveals that he is now an openly gay singer. Plus, the other guy in the video was played by Shane Bitney Crone, a pivotal advocate and public figure in the LGBTQ community.


14. Elena Delle Donne

As if playing in the Olympics this summer wasn’t exciting enough, 26-year-old WNBA champ Elena Delle Donne came out to Vogue magazine, announcing her engagement to girlfriend Amanda Clifton.

“They came into my home, spent a couple days with me—and [my fiancee] Amanda is a huge part of my life,” said Delle Donne, an MVP with the Chicago Sky.

“To leave her out wouldn’t have made any sense. It’s not a coming out article or anything. I’ve been with her for a very long time now, and people who are close to me know that, and that’s that.”

Are there any names on this list that really surprised you? Feel free to share the list on social media!


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