14 LGBTQ Celebrities You Didn't Know Came Out in 2016

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The LGBTQ community is growing, both in terms of members who identify as LGBTQ or straight supporters who want to help the cause. 

In 2016, it seems that there is still work to do, although great gains have been made in recent years. 

So we are going to name 14 LGBTQ Celebrities You Didn’t Know Came Out in 2016, so that you can see just how many celebs are taking a stand for this community. 

1. Kristen Stewart

Actress Kristen Stewart was the other half to actor Robert Pattinson for years, and the two were a discrete power couple in Hollywood in the past. 

Yet in early 2016, Stewart came totally forward and proclaimed her sexuality for all to hear and see. 

The 26-year-old is now in a romantic relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell, and before that, Stewart was dating her personal assistant Alicia Cargile.


2. Charlie Carver

The Teen Wolf actor started 2016 with a bang, coming out in an Instagram post in January.

“So now, let the record show this: I self-identify as gay,” he wrote. “I owe it to myself, more than anything, to be who I needed when I was younger,” he wrote in a message that spanned five different posts.


Pt 5: But what can I do? How can I participate? Honesty is probably a great step in the right direction. I now believe that by omitting this part of myself from the record, I am complicit in perpetuating the suffering, fear, and shame cast upon so many in the world. In my silence, I’ve helped decide for you too that to be gay is to be, as a young man (or young woman, young anyone), inappropriate for a professional career in the Arts (WHAAA???) So now, let the record show this- I self-identify as gay. And does that really matter anymore? As a young man, I needed a young man in Hollywood to say that- and without being a dick about it, I owe it to myself, more than anything, to be who I needed when I was younger. Happy 2016, and all my best to you and yours in the year ahead. And let the record show my twin brother is just as cool for being straight. Much Love, C

Charlie Carver(@charliecarver)发的照片 ·2016-01-11,14:21 PST

He admitted he worried being out would “be limiting myself to a type, to a perception with limits that I was not professionally comfortable with,” but, with some guidance, realized that didn’t have to be the case.

He closed out his note with a nod to bro Max: “Let the record show my twin brother is just as cool for being straight.”

3. Aubrey Plaza

Plaza revealed earlier in 2016 that gender “isn’t a factor” for her when it comes to dating and romantic relationships. The actress is perfectly fine getting with someone whether they are a girl, guy, or don’t identify as either. 

Plaza did not call herself a bisexual, but she did say that she has a very “androgynous and masculine” aura about her, and that tends to attract many different kinds of people, which she is totally cool with. 

She then blatantly stated that she falls in love “with girls and guys,” and that she can’t help it.

4. Bella Thorne

The 18-year-old former Disney star might have set a record for shortest coming out annoucement.

After a Snapchat surfaced of her kissing Bella Pendergast went viral, a fan asked “are you bisexual?” on Twitter.

Her reply? “Yes.”

5. Mara Wilson

Sometimes it takes a tragedy for people to open up about their own struggles. So it was with Mara Wilson, the 28-year-old actress who starred in hit films such as Matilda and Miracle on 34th Street. 

Wilson was so deeply moved after the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that she Tweeted her emotions and truth for her fans. Wilson wrote “F*cking hell, Orlando.” 

She then referred to a picture of herself ten years ago at a gay nightclub and added the caption: “I have never had a better experience at a club than I did then…the LGBT community has always felt like home, especially a few years later when I, uh, learned something about myself.” 

Wilson then pointed out the Kinsey scale, which some people use as a measurement of one’s sexuality, from 100% straight to 100% homosexual. Wilson stated that she was a 2, meaning that she identifies as a queer and a bisexual.

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