14 Insane Snapchats From Rich Kids That That Might Piss You Off A Little

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Few things are more entertaining than stalking rich kids' social media accounts, but sometimes it also annoys the heck out of us!

Check out these photos from rich kids on Snapchat and feel our pain with us!

1. Standard Doorstop

If we were friends with this person and went over for a visit, there might be a doorstop that goes up missing! It sure beats the doorstop we bought at the dollar store for our house.


2. Big Decisions

We normally have to decide if we want to get out of bed or not for the day, but this kid had bigger decisions to make than us. It is a rough life when you have to make such a hard decision.

3. Back Home

Whose parents own a home like that? Does this person go to Hogwarts or something?

4. Peasant Food

We like how McDonald’s is considered peasant food. We always thought it was fast food, but it looks like we’ve been saying it wrong this whole time!

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