14 Hot Cleberities And What They Really Weigh

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With the exception of what goes on in their bedrooms, weight might be the aspect of celebrities' lives that we fixate on the most.

Aside from the d-baggiest of online trolls, no one wants to engage in any fat- (or thin-) shaming, but we can't help wondering what sort or diets our favorite stars adhere to, what their workout regimens are like and, well, how we compare to them in terms of poundage.

Anyway, feel free to put off going to the gym for a few more minutes while you check out this list of what some of today's hottest celebs really weight.

Heck, you can call it research, if that makes you feel better!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law stands 5'9" and clocks in at 138 lbs. She's stated that she hates exercise, but doesn't mind when a studio asks her to get in shape for a part. “They basically do it all for you," she says. "Like, here’s your trainer, here’s what you can eat.”


2. Taylor Swift

Taylor clocks in at 5'11", 119 lbs. Not surpsingly music is a big part of her workout. Taylor says that for her, jogging "is all about blasting a whole bunch of new songs and running to the beat.”

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Insiders say Leo goes about 6'1", 165 lbs. He recently packed on a reported 40 pounds for his role in The Revenant, but he seems to have had no trouble losing the extra padding.

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