14 Flat-Chested Celebs Proving You Don't Need Big Boobs to Be Beautiful

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With so many celebrities going under the knife these days in order to achieve a larger, perkier bust line, it's almost hard to imagine that there are women in Hollywood who don't have fake boobs -- and don't seem to mind one bit. 

And I'm not talking about the ladies whose gene pools make them naturally blessed with ample, silicone-free bosoms. 

Nope -- there are plenty of lovely A-listers who are perfectly content with their A-cup or barely B-cup breasts, and they are just as gorgeous as their larger busted peers.

1. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley cuddles the fact that she was born with small busts but still she’s flat and proud of it. 

2. Cameron Diaz  

Cameron Diaz's flat bust doesn't take away from her gorgeous looks.

3. Taylor Swift 


Taylor Swift is totally flat-chested, owns it, and we co-sign. Her leggy, 5'10" frame is supermodel-flawless. 

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