14 Female Celebrities Over 40 With the Hottest Gym Bodies

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11. Jennifer Garner – 44

Garner did take a break at times with her marriage to Ben Affleck and stunned by getting herself back into shape in no time after each of their three children were born. While she and Affleck are divorcing, they remain on good terms, often seen together, including Garner headed from the gym. 

She remains a great presence with a bright smile and dark hair flowing behind her and gym clothes on her look as great as any red carpet dress. Garner has always had a down to Earth charm and yet a great sex appeal that comes out in any outfit, including a gym one.

12. Carmen Electra – 44

Electra mostly sticks to charity work today and running her own perfume line. But she remains among the sexiest former Playmates, keeping herself in fantastic shape and showing no signs of letting go of the bust and build that made her famous. 

The sight of her in spandex brings back memories of her ‘90s heyday and how Carmen can still electrify most any man with her amazing shape.

13. Kate Beckinsale – 43

Kate Beckinsale maintains her shape quite well, as evidence by reprising Selene in the recent Underworld Blood Wars while still winning raves for the period drama Love & Friendship. 

A gym outfit on her is a great sight, tight to show her surprising curves off and even if she’s not smiling, Beckinsale looks wonderful as she marches to and from her workouts. It’s paid off as she still can fit into any tight outfit and make it a marvel and prove the English can be as hot in their workouts as anyone from the U.S.


14. Penelope Cruz – 42

Cruz remains hotter today than when she debuted, still with a great bust but backing it up with long and limber legs and a toned rear end. She wowed by donning a swimsuit for Esquire and being photographed topless at a beach shortly after giving birth. 

It takes work to keep that shape up and Cruz is a popular sight at gyms from L.A. to Europe, always with a smile and showing how nicely her workout clothes can get. As great as she can look on red carpets, Cruz is just as sexy in her workout gear to prove how sultry a lady of Spain can truly get.

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