14 Female Celebrities Over 40 With the Hottest Gym Bodies

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6. Jennifer Lopez – 47

Lopez is always a sight in tight yoga pants and keeps in shape jogging and enjoys showing her gym body. Indeed, her Instagram account just gets steamier and steamier with one sexy post after another. 

Such stunning pictures that show Lopez in all her sexy glory and why, at 47, J’Lo is hotter than ever and dominating pop culture in many ways.

7. Jennifer Aniston – 47

It’s been over twenty years since Friends changed the landscape of TV but Aniston remains the biggest star of the cast. While she was most famous at first for her hairdo, Aniston has also gotten raves for her amazingly toned body. At 47, she remains quite hot in various roles, evidence by her memorable strip tease in the comedy We’re the Millers. 

She’s all business going to and from the gyms, a tank top great on her and her backside showing little signs of any sagging. No matter what, Aniston remains a “friend” to many male fans to enjoy watching and keeping herself in such great shape is only one reason for that.

8. Taraji P. Henson – 46

Henson hit the big time with her acclaimed role as Cookie on the TV phenomenon Empire. She’s stolen the show with this sexy lady who gets great lines and fantastic outfits, including a famous scene flaunting her rear end in lingerie with “this is an a–.” 

With that success, it’s no wonder Henson keeps herself in great shape and her in a spandex outfit highlights that fabulous rear end. She enjoys showing it off in selfies at the gym and any outfits she wears is designed to enhance her already great curves. 

9. Sofia Vergara – 44

The sight of her on the red carpet is always stunning but even sans makeup and “dressed down,” Vergara never ceases to amaze. The big parts are of course her very notable bust and just as shapely rear end and it takes a lot of work to keep both tight at 44. 

One can imagine the struggle of fitting spandex over those curves but Vergara makes it work nicely as the sight of her going to and from the gym shows a lady who makes a simple jog look hotter than any fancy TV love scene. She may mangle English but Vergara’s sexiness shines above any language barriers.

10. Cameron Diaz – 44

Diaz still looks fabulous for her age, thin and yet the right curves while those stunning legs can still wow you. 

Even when covered up by yoga pants and a tight top, Diaz looks spectacular and a winner to watch walking to and from the gym to remind you how sexy a funny lady can be.

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