14 Female Celebrities Over 40 With the Hottest Gym Bodies

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It’s no secret that in Hollywood, when a woman hits 40, she’s basically considered “over the hill.” It’s not fair but that’s how it is. 

Sure, many actresses are able to maintain careers but Hollywood is always looking for the next young thing and so it takes a lot for ladies to maintain bodies past the age of 40. And many ladies just hit the gym and do it in spectacular ways. 

Here are 14 starlets over 40 who have stunning gym bodies and how they show how sexiness can remain no matter your age.

1. Christie Brinkley – 63

Brinkley, at 63, still looks amazing with her blonde hair, bright smile and curves that won’t quit. She’s endorsed several physical exercise machines and it’s clear how well she uses them with her amazing body still fitting into tight yoga outfits and spandex. 

Those legs are still among the best in the business and even though she’s got more than enough money to live off on without modelling again, Brinkley could still blow away anyone on the catwalk if she wanted to as proven by hew newest SI Swimsuit cover.


2. Ming Na – 53

Seeing Ming Na on a red carpet in a fancy dress is very impressive, showing her great beauty yet she’s hotter on screen with made up cuts and bruises and looking astonishingly hot. 

Naturally, seeing her at the gym is a nice sight to keep herself toned and how some ladies are truly timeless in their beauty even when they can be supreme butt-kickers on screen.

3. Cindy Crawford – 51

About to hit 51, Crawford retains her great looks and continues to keep her body in stunning shape. The sight of her in spandex going to and from the gym is as hot now as in her ‘90s prime and the fact she’s now a sexy mom to a daughter who looks just like her adds to her appeal. 

Crawford can still rule any modelling gig she wants to today and fit into a bikini well enough to blow away anyone at a beach. Soft spoken, Crawford lets her looks do the talking and in that regard, she speaks volumes to remain one of the most beautiful women on the planet in any outfit, especially at a gym.

4. Halle Berry – 50

Berry has retained a sensational body with full chest, great toned rear end and keeping her shape through the ups and downs of childbirth and divorce. She loves to wear gym clothes showing off her toned midriff and a professional demeanor that shows a sexy intensity when she’s working out. 

Berry is soon to be featured in the upcoming Kingsman sequel which means showing more of her amazing shape and skills off and proves that besides an Oscar winner, she also earns raves for one truly rocking body in spandex.

5. Salma Hayek – 50

While she just hit 50, Hayek’s not slowing down, still plenty of acting gigs, that alluring voice on full display in roles and that body looking amazing in any outfit. Many gym clothes enhance that famed bust and nicely toned rear end and her lush black hair adding to her amazing presence. 

It’s impossible for Hayek to look anything less than stunning and sexy wherever she goes and that includes the gym. Keeping that body toned is a challenge but she manages it well and retains the sultry allure that’s made her a star.

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