14 Bad Girls With Smoking Hot Mugshots, and Crazy Stories to Go With Them

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When you think of criminals, you think of a guy probably named Cletus with buck teeth, a giant mole and a lazy eye. Pretty much this guy:

But you'll be pleasantly surprised that your stereotypical assumptions can often be wrong and that the Cletuses of this world aren't the only ones who are committing crimes. 

There are some smoking hot women who've been just a little too naughty and have ended up under arrest.

1. This girl was arrested for public intoxication in Idaho. 

A person this beautiful would not have a fun time in jail…

2. This girl from Norfolk, Nebraska has her makeup done perfectly for her mugshot after she was ironically caught shoplifting makeup at the mall. 

Was it worth it for your perfect mugshot? Probably not.

3. This girl was nabbed for a DUI in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  

Don’t look so sad girl. If you’re going to do the crime you’ve got to do the time! And she’s acting like what happened was so unfair… 

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