14 Anorexic Thin Celebrities That Need A Few Big Macs

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Forget the before-and-after weight loss pics that often flood our Instagram accounts.

Amalie Lee is determined to promote a healthy body image on the social media site as she documents her recovery as an anorexic.

We are all happy for her recovery, however we think these 14 celebs should also follow Amalie’s Instagram because they’re all anorexic thin!

1. Rachel Zoe

People have been on her for quite a while for looking like a skeleton. 

However, the fashion stylist has said that she just cannot gain weight. “Truthfully, I’ve never seen myself as being too thin. Having a baby is the best exercise you can get because it’s a constant workout.”

2. Tara Reid

Z list celebrity Tara Reid has always been known for her super thin frame. 

The American Pie star has always denied that she has ever had an eating disorder, but from looking at recent, skeletal pictures of her, it’s pretty hard to believe! 

I think a Big Mac would do her some good.

3. Tori Spelling

Following rumours of her husband, Dean McDermott’s, infidelity and her apparent financial difficulties, it has recently been reported that Tori Spelling’s weight has dropped to just 92lbs!! 

Spelling has denied that she weighs less than 100lbs, but this isn’t the first time the reality TV star’s weight has come under scrutiny. 

After the birth of her son, Finn, Spelling admitted to losing 45lbs by basically starving herself.

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