13 Tricks Girls Use to Fool Guys Into Thinking They’re Hot

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8. Shiny Jewelry

Guys are like raccoons. They only come out at night, they stink, and they eat garbage. They’re also attracted to shiny objects. Girls instinctively know this, which is why they drape themselves with jewelry. 

They wear glittering necklaces, gold rings, and chandelier earrings. They basically make sure that they are wearing as much bling as Mr. T before they leave the house. Why? To distract from their less lovely features. 

So the next time you see a girl dressed up in so much jewelry that she looks like she robbed Tiffany’s, try to find out what she’s hiding.

9. Dim Lighting

Tyra Banks once revealed a secret to looking more beautiful: candlelight. It isn’t that candlelight does anything special per se – it’s that candles are used in the dark, and darkness is many girls’ best friend. 

Darkness hides a multitude of sins, including bags under one’s eyes, yellow teeth and unibrows. And if the camera adds ten pounds, then dim lighting must subtract at least 15. 

So if you really want to know what you’re getting into, make a date with a girl during daylight hours and take a good look at her in full sunlight. See if she still glows, or if she’s like a vampire and only wants to come out at night.

10. Accents

The way to a man’s heart isn’t just through his stomach. It can also be through his ears. 

Guys love accents – it doesn’t matter what kind. An accent is mysterious, and as humans we are drawn to the atypical because it piques our interest. 

Girls don’t usually fake accents – they’d have to be pretty sick to do that routinely. However, girls do tend to exaggerate their natural accents because they know how intoxicating it can be.  

Just remember that a hot accent can make for great pillow talk, but it won’t make your girl any hotter lookswise.



11. Tanning

A golden glow makes everyone look better. It makes you look healthier, thinner, and shows off your bone structure. 

Tanning evens out skin color which means under eye circles are gone, discoloration disappears and even acne is stopped dead in its tracks. 

The important thing to remember is that all that glitters isn’t gold. Tans fade, so that extra edge tanaholics have will diminish. Another downside is that the girls that hit the tanning beds will eventually have their looks taken away by UV damage. 

In the future, consider the pale girl. She might not be as hot, but at least you’ll know what you’re getting.

12. Sunglasses

Sunglasses make a person look chic and sophisticated – even the dorky Ray Bans that hipsters wear. This is precisely why they are so dangerous. Girls wear them because they know that they will look better with them on. 

So why do sunglasses work so well? It’s mainly because they cover most of one’s face. Everyone looks better when you can’t see half of their face!

Sunglasses hide off-centered eyes and sparse eyebrows. They also balance out other parts of the face, like wide cheeks or a Jay Leno-sized chin. 

A good rule of thumb is to pay careful attention to the size of the sunglasses a girl is wearing. The bigger they are, the more she has to hide. 

A good trick is to see if a girl is willing to take her sunglasses off once she’s in deep conversation with you. If she’s stuck to them like glue, that’s a very bad sign.


13. Strategic Friends

Girls try to trick guys into thinking they’re good looking by surrounding themselves with certain types of friends. 

There are two basic types of girls that use this method. The first is a girl who is average looking at best. She’s the one that makes sure to hang out with girls that are more pretty than she is, because she hopes some of their beauty will rub off on her by proxy. Sound crazy? Guys totally fall for this. When they are looking at a group of beauties, it can be difficult not to be stunned and awed.

The second type of girl is one who is acceptable looking, but wants to seem hot. So, she makes sure that she has her average looking friend tagging along at all times. By comparison, this type of girls seems H-O-T.

We’re giving you the tools to crack the code. Use them at your own discretion.


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