13 Tricks Girls Use to Fool Guys Into Thinking They’re Hot

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5. Optimal Clothing

Girls don’t just dress for success at work. They pick out their clothing carefully to maximize their hotness. They know their bodies intimately, and pick outfits that accentuate their best features. 

While girls dress for their own self-confidence, and to show off to other girls, they also know how to dress for guys. Girls show up to bars in mini-dresses not because it’s comfortable, but because they know it’ll drive guys nutty. They wear backless shirts to grab men’s attention. And they even wear cute little plaid skirts to play into men’s whole schoolgirl fantasy.

There’s nothing wrong about girls playing up their best assets. Just make sure that you aren’t so distracted by what’s right that you don’t notice what’s wrong.

6. Going Blonde

Ever wonder why George Clooney, the man who can get any woman, dates brunettes 99% of the time? It’s because he’s smart enough to know that girls often use blonde hair to compensate for looks that aren’t up to snuff. 

For some reason, we humans are conditioned to think that blonde is more beautiful. And it is – on the right girl. If you take a girl that is a “5” and dye her hair blonde, she’ll be transformed into a “7.” But the fact remains that her basic looks haven’t changed. 

So choose your blondes carefully. Make sure you aren’t just reacting to blonde hair with a knee-jerk response of attraction. You want a girl with the whole package – not one that is quite literally trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

7. Fancy Shoes

From Imelda Marcos to Carrie Bradshaw, girls love shoes. They love sky high heels, leather boots, ballerina flats and even make fashion statements with sneakers. 

They wear them for themselves, and to show off in front of their girlfriends. But they also know that shoes enhance their appearance. 

Heels elongate a girl’s legs, so she not only looks taller but thinner. Boots give a girl an air of sexiness. Even sneakers can complete a look and give the impression that a girl is healthy and fit – even if she’s only worn them to the mall and never to the gym. 

Remember how we told you jewelry makes girls look more attractive? Well, think of shoes as jewelry for the feet!

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