13 Tricks Girls Use to Fool Guys Into Thinking They’re Hot

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Girls trick guys all the time. 

They lie about their age. They lowball their weight. They exaggerate their salaries. But the biggest trick of all has got to be how they fool guys into thinking they’re hot. 

Looks can be deceiving, and girls know every clever, devious little way to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. 

This piece describes all the methods girls use to fool guys into thinking they’re hotter than they are. 

1. Makeup

Makeup is for girls what money is for guys. If you have a whole lot of it, you’ll be so hot that you sizzle. 

Makeup was invented for the sole purpose of making women more attractive. It literally does anything and everything. 

The best way to tell if a girl is trying to fool you into thinking she’s hot is to take a good look at her face. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.


2. Bras

Bras are every girl’s best friend, and every man’s worst enemy. And we’re not talking about how hard they are to unfasten when you’re in the moment. We’re calling out bras because they are so deceitful. 

A specialty bra is basically like Photoshopping for real life. Many a guy has reached in for a handful, only to be greeted by a ping-pong ball. 

What’s so ridiculous is that girls get away with this trickery! Girls would never tolerate a man who stuffed his jeans, but they think it’s totally permissible to walk around looking like Pamela Anderson, Jr. when in reality they are flat as a pancake.

3. Hairstyles

Girls try to trick guys into thinking they’re hot by the hairstyles they wear. Some girls follow the trends, but the smart ones know that choosing a style is more about finding one that will hide her worst features. 

A girl with bangs is either a hipster or is trying to hide a prominent forehead or hideous birthmark. A girl with a strong jawline will wear her hair with layers toward her face to cover up her unfortunate bone structure. And a girl with big hair is only acceptable in Texas – if she’s in any other state then she is trying to distract you from everything from her tiny head to her wide hips.

4. Lingerie

Lingerie is basically like Cosplay on sexual steroids. The “costume” transports men to another dimension. They focus on the outfit and forget about the girl wearing it. As long as the girl is dressed to the nines in satin, it’s easy to forget about her physical flaws. 

What a lot of guys don’t realize, though, is that lingerie is also designed to hide body flaws. It’s hard to imagine, because there’s such little material to lingerie. But we swear it’s true. 

For example, many negligees now have padded underwire bras sewn in. So the bountiful bosom you are seeing is enhanced. Baby doll dress lingerie is meant to billow out underneath the breast in an A-line. This allows the garment to be wider and hide a thick waist and curvy hips. 

So the problem with lingerie is that the girl looks hot – until she takes it off!

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