13 Things That Make "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova Even Weirder

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As Valeria Lukyanova makes headlines again for admitting that her new pictures are indeed photoshopped, I think it’s time to know more things about this Human Barbie.

If you’ve never seen this woman before prepare to be amazed, and maybe a little disconcerted at what she has done to her appearance.

But, what’s even more odd than her appearance are her beliefs about herself and life in general.

Now just take a look at the 13 things that make this human Barbie even weirder:

1. She’s a Breatharian – Well, Off and On

Valeria has claimed to be a breatharian. 

What’s a breatharian you ask? Breatharians are wackos who claim the human race can live on light and air alone. Yes, this is a real claim. 

Apparently Valeria wasn’t entirely successful on a light and air only diet and eventually switched to a liquid-only diet. But continues to flip back and forth between the two.

2. She’s a Big Dreamer

She claims a lot of ideas and visions come to her in lucid dreams and from other dimensions. In fact she says she gets her nails done in fractal patterns (whatever the h*ll those are – we didn’t pass geometry) from said dimensions. 

It’s highly unlikely one iota of this is even close to the truth, but fractal patterns is fun to say so who really cares.

3. She’s a…Well… Racist

Valeria has made it very clear in numerous interviews that she feels the standards of beauty have gone way downhill because the races have mixed. 

Oh no she bettah don’t! Is there some kind of hypocrisy here? A woman who has undergone a plethora of surgeries to be perfect? Racists are wacky people.

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