13 Photos That Prove There Are Two Kinds of People in This World

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There are two types of people…morning people and those who want to shoot morning people. 

Only two. That’s it. Two ONLY. Either you are THIS, or you are THAT. Where do you stand??

1. First Day Of School

The boy represents 99% of us. And then there's smarmy little Angela...


2. Cupcake Catastrophe

Look, you can either be the mean thief or the sad crying one. Only one of them ends up with a cupcake.

3. Reaction To Dinosaurs

Some of us are afraid of Dinosaurs. Others plot how they can finally help us attain worldwide domination.

4. RDJ

There are those that feel the need to describe themselves. Then there is Iron Man.

5. Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters are fun! 

Roller Coasters are fun!


Roller Coasters are fun!

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