13 Must-Watch Anime for Winter 2016

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9. Girls Beyond The Wasteland

Genre: Drama, Romance

A student's life changes when a beautiful classmate asks him to help her make a gal game.

10. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Awaking in a mysterious place with no idea how they got there, a group enters the world of Grimgar, where, like a RPG, they have to pick their special abilities, class, and guild.

11. Nurse Witch Komugi R

Genre: Comedy, Magical Girl, Parody

Middle school student Komugi develops the ability to morph into Nurse Witch Komugi and battle evil.

12. Rainbow Days

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life

After getting dumped, a male student named Natsuki crosses path with a girl named Anna and, with the help of his friends, sets out to win her over.


13. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem, Mecha

A former prince whose empire was overthrown by a coup ends up in a training academy for blue blood women to learn how to pilot large mechanical weapons.

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