13 Must-Watch Anime for Winter 2016

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5. Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan

Genre: Comedy

Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan is an anime largely centered around sexual humor. Each eight-minute episode deals with at least one commonly known "fact" about women and/or their bodies.

In short, they're stereotypes, such as certain panty colors denote sexual proclivity - and that is one of the tamest examples. The truth or absurdity of these facts are lampooned as Galko, her friends, and often her clueless male classmates try to get to the bottom of each.

6. Dagashi Kashi

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

A young man dreams of becoming a manga artist, but his dad enlists the help of a beautiful young woman to get him to take over the family sweets shop.

7. Dimension W

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Set in the year 2071, when the world's energy problem has been solved by tapping another dimension, a repo man and an android stop the illegal energy harnessing that the cops can't.

8. Fairy Tail Zero

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Seven years after a war, a female mage meets those who go on to found the Mage Guild known as Fairy Tail.

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