13 Most Sexually Bizarre Japanese Game Show Videos of All Time

165147 People Viewed - about 28 months ago

4. Bikini Model Slip N’ Slide

Old dudes in speedos attempt to slip n’ slide across a number of bikini models covered in baby oil. It’s about the most action they’ve seen in the last 35 years.

5. Girl in the Shower

Diaper-wearing men attempt to climb a slick surface to reveal a shower panel covering a naked woman. If they can’t make it to her, contestants not only lose their dignity but also their cleanliness – they’re pulled back into a puddle of black muck and mocked by the audience. Or a laugh track, whatever.

6. Guess the Girlfriend’s Butt by Kissing It

This is disturbing on too many levels to count.

7. Spread Your Legs

Is it a torture device? A chastity belt? A sex toy? Who knows, but it’s f*cking weird.

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