13 Instagram Hotties With Better Assets Than Kim Kardashian

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Instagram Models have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and for obvious reasons. They post very revealing images to say the least. 

These women are incredibly gorgeous, most are models, and as our title suggests, they have incredible assets, even rival celebrity superstars such as Kim Kardashian.

These next 13 women you are about to stumble upon are certainly not all of the curviest and sexiest, but we feel that they have all earned their spots on our list, we think after you see their pictures that you will agree! So let’s get started!

13. Jen Selter 

Jen Selter is somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to flaunting her enormous behind. She was one of the first Instagram females to start posting these almost unreal pictures of herself in the gym, and primarily in yoga pants. 

She certainly has the assets and it’s quite obvious why she reached our list.


12. Hafiia Mira

This absolute bombshell models for Kayne West’s clothing, and she has been a model for quite some time— not too surprising after just one look at her curvy and beautiful physique. 

She is incredibly easy on the eyes, has a beautiful face, and an unbelievable rear-end. Certainly one that rivals even the infamous Kim Kardashian.

11. Lisa Morales

Lisa Morales is more than just an Instagram dream for all viewers, she is a Television personality, an International Model, and a personal fitness trainer. She is a jack of all trades, and has the physique to back it up. 

The cool part about Lisa is that she helps other women achieve the same results that she has. Of course it’s a lot of hard work, but she swears by her personalized program to help find women the exact results they are seeking.

10. Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway has been taking the Instagram world by storm, leaving many users debating over whether Hathaway or Jen Selter has the nicest bottom on Instagram. 

Of course, this debate will never reach a definitive conclusion as it’s up to you to decide which one you think qualifies as the most outstanding buns on the wide world of Instagram. 

9. Sierra Skye

Sierra Skye is perhaps not only the most beautiful woman on our list, but her rear end certainly rivals with the best of them. 

She has been revealing these provocative yet highly appreciated (by our male followers) for a little over a year, and has quickly moved herself into consideration for the nicest body and curves on our list. She has started to build her Instagram empire and has been widely notarized as the ‘Queen of Instagram’.

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