13 Hottest Disney Sitcom Moms of All Time

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6. Danielle Fishel – Girl Meets World

A sequel series to Boys Meets World, a show that was a touchstone in the childhood and teen years of an entire generation, it is safe to say that Danielle played a character that many saw as fantasy fodder. Eventually married to her longstanding boyfriend in the original show’s final run, Topanga was brought back to play a mother in this follow-up series. 

If you question her placement so high on this list, which is something that seems unfathomable to us, take a look at that photo spread and you’ll see why she is here.

5. Cerina Vincent – Stuck in the Middle

A show that was produced and aired on The Disney Channel, Stuck in the Middle only aired for one season but at least one aspect of it is unforgettable. 

It took Cerina Vincent, a woman that would turn heads no matter what room she walked into and cast her in the role of the mother. A former Miss Teen USA contestant who would look glorious in a bikini, she has shown a willingness to show off her body again and again. 

4. Brooke Shields – Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is a show that is renowned for being the launching pad for the career of Miley Cyrus and for relaunching her father’s dwindling celebrity, but another famous person played a part too. 

A lot of people may not realize it but during the series’ second and third season, famed actress and former sex symbol Brooke Shields was cast as the mother of the main character and her brother. 

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