13 Hollywood's Most Hated Celebrities of 2014

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Celebrities get a lot of praise for being beautiful and talented, but not all fan correspondence is friendly, or even polite. That’s why Jimmy Kimmel is back with what might arguably be his hilarious popular segment of Mean Tweets

Actually there are plenty of famous people in Hollywood worthy of our hatred, but just who are the most hated of them all?

So here come the 13 most hated celebs in Hollywood: 

1.Gwyneth Paltrow


Paltrow became the subject of 2014 backlash all from a single blog post, in which she explained why she and her then-husband Chris Martin were getting a divorce -  or as Paltrow called it, “conscious uncoupling.”  

The post was seen as pompous and totally nonsensical, resulting in ridicule and a few less fans for Paltrow. 

2.Anne Hathaway 


Annoying acceptance speeches? Cloying personality? "OH MY GOODNESS, ME?!" schtick? Check, check and check. Anne Hathaway on this list for being insufferable. 

3.Justin Bieber 

Does it surprise anyone that Justin Bieber features here? Just look at him. Of course bieber is on this list. 

4.Kim Kardashian 


2014 might be remembered for the year Kim married Kanye West, but also for when she tried to "break the internet" by posing nude for her infamous butt-baring Paper Magazine cover in November. 

I mean, come on, you're someone's mother. 

5.Chris Brown


The notorious singer was sued in early 2014 on the charges of a misdemeanor assault as a result of a homophobic altercation he had in late 2013. 

We wish Brown the best, but we're fed up with all the headlines that have plagued the obviously disturbed singer. 

6.Katherine Heigl 


Katherine Heigl makes terrible romantic comedies that contribute to the downfall of American society, plus she is reportedly a nightmare to work with. 


Once an innovative entertainer, Madonna is most famous now for talking in a fake British accent and still trying to be relevant. 

8.Jennifer Lopez 

Can you imagine having to be around Jennifer Lopez for more than five minutes? The answer is no, thus she is one of the most hated celebs in Hollywood. 

9.John Mayer 


John Mayer feels the wrath for all the pity-parties he's been throwing himself after his break-up with Katy Perry. But we find it refreshing that he's the one complaining this time and not the girl. 

10.Kristen Stewart 

If you make out with another woman's husband while you have a significant other of your own and get caught doing it by the paparazzi, there is no escaping a spot on this list. Sorry, Kristen Stewart. 

11.Matt Lauer


If everyone in the world knows that you got your coworker fired due to personal differences, you are surely to be one of the most hated celebs. This means you, Matt Lauer. 

12.Bill Cosby


Where to begin? 2014 might be the year that the world's perception of Bill Cosby forever changed.  

While sexual assault accusations have plagued the family comedian for years, it wasn't until a viral video of a joke from comedian Hannibal Buress surfaced that more alleged victims started coming forward and everything went downhill for Cosby.  

Although no official charges were brought against the "Cosby Show" frontman, his public image and career were forever tarnished. It happened to be the 30th year anniversary of "The Cosby Show," and it wasn't a good one.  

13.Kris Jenner


The Kardashian matriarch hasn't really been a fan favorite in years past, but she stooped to some new lows in 2014. 

After divorcing Bruce Jenner in September, she's already been linked to the significantly younger Corey Gamble, in addition to partying with her teenage daughters. If Kris has been portrayed as "desperate for attention" in the past, 2014 was no different for her. 

Will 2015 be better for them? One can only hope. 

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