13 Deadliest Animals That Would Kill You in Under 4 Minutes

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It’s a scary world out there, and this is a list that may end up scaring the crap out of you. That’s because we are going to take an in-depth look at some of the deadliest creatures that you can find all around the world. 

This list includes scorpions, snakes, frogs, spiders, marine animals and more. Have fun reading a bit more about these scary-lethal animals and insects and make a mental note not to touch anything that you find out in the wild. 

Now, are you ready to see the 13 Deadliest Venoms That Would Kill You in Under 4 Minutes?

13. Poison Dart Frog

Bright vibrant colors define the appearance of the poison dart frog. And while it looks like so much fun to have around, it secretes highly toxic chemicals that can kill you. 

The poison dart frog is native to Central and South America, although you can find them in zoos in North America. The name “Poison Dart Frog” came from the old practice of dipping the tips of darts in the frog’s secretion to create poisoned darts to throw at enemies. 

The main toxins in the frog’s secretion are lipophilic alkaloids, and the differing coloration of the frogs tends to turn predators away because they seem unappetizing. The venom can cause pain and even death if left untreated. Even so, scientists have been investigating how to use poison dart frog venom as a painkiller.


12. Pufferfish

This carnivorous fish is known for being lethal if consumed without taking the proper cooking and preparatory precautions. The Pufferfish can grow up to three feet and its toxins are deadly to many (although there are a few fish that are immune to Pufferfish venom). 

The poison in a Pufferfish is known as Tetrodotoxin, which is 1,200 times more deadly than cyanide. Wow. The toxins in a single pufferfish could kill 30 humans. 

There is no cure for treating a pufferfish infection, so your best bet is to STAY AWAY. 

11. Cobra Snakes

Pretty much everyone has heard of the cobra snake, but it is time to learn a bit more about how venomous it is. 

You are most likely to find a cobra in Southeast Asia and Southern Africa. It is a long and hefty snake, making it the deadliest snake of its size. Thankfully, cobras aren’t known to blatantly attack humans, but if they are provoked or angered, they will strike. 

Their venom contains potent neurotoxins that can cause drowsiness, necrosis, paralysis, and lung failure. Death can occur quickly if the bite is not treated promptly. So not only is this a scary-looking snake, but it’s highly lethal.

10. Taipan Snake

Belonging to the Oxyuranus genus of snakes, the Taipan is a scary-lethal snake found in Australia. These snakes are large, but they can slither very quickly. Their venom is responsible for many sicknesses and even deaths in the Australasia region. 

Their venom contains a highly poisonous neurotoxin which paralyzes the nervous system and blocks blood vessels by rapidly clotting the blood. 

Due to the Taipan’s size, it can inject a good amount of venom with just one snake bite. 

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