13 Common Facts in Manga Industry We Rarely Know

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Getting amazed at the difference between TV and blue-ray version of the same anime?

That's just only one of common facts in manga industry which we rarely know, and here comes another 13.

1. Manga author dates with the corespongding editor

In the dustry, it's normal to see the author dating with the coresponding editor, especially male editor and female author.

2. Manga author breaks up with the coresponding editor

That's obvious to see according to the fact above, what the worse things is, your ex-boyfriend is still your coresponding editor, which must be embarrassing.

3. The assistant always complains to their boss

Though they are the ones who's hired by the author, they still like to complain a lot, sometimes even boss around.

4. Author doesn't make much money even their manga gets animated

They don't get rich as easy as you think.

5. Once the manga loses its popularity, the female character becomes sexier.

Generally it's the suggestion from the coresponding editor, though it works mostly, there are authors who refuse to do that.

6. Assistant becomes more successful than author

Compared to fact #2, which is more embarrasssing?

7. There will be some authors who come for free meal on the annual meeting

You know that, no sales, life is so hard.

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