12 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Was King of the Internet

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9. That iconic Titanic shot

"I'm flying, Jack!" That moment will haunt Mr. DiCaprio all the way to his deathbed. At least he's a good sport about it.

10. Leo as a ‘90s dreamboat

Photos from Leo's teen magazine days are never not relevant, honestly.

11. The "cheers" shot from The Great Gatsby

When you want to tell off a troll on Twitter. When you want to signal to your coworker that it's time for happy hour over email. When you literally DGAF about anything and aren't afraid to show it. When you still don't have a damn Oscar! 

All these situations call for one GIF: Leo raising a glass in The Great Gatsby. It's still a clutch GIF to use in 2016.


12. Leo with a Super Soaker

Is there anything more precious or more glorious than this photo of shirtless Leo running joyfully on the grass armed with a damn water gun? The answer is: NO. It's meme-tastic.

Thanks for bringing the Internet so much joy, Leo! We hope you get your Oscar this year. And if not, at least we know the Internet will have a meme field day with you. 


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