12 Things Worth Mentioning as Peyton Manning Broke NFL Passing TD Record

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Peyton Manning breaks NFL career passing TD record in the game against San Francisco 49ers on Week 7 Sunday. Obviously a huge milestone for the 13-time Pro Bowler, besides the historic night, there are 12 interesting things related to Manning's milestone, which you may like to know.

1. Manning has as many TD passes in his career as the Cleveland Browns do since 1983.

When you combine all the TDs thrown by Browns quarterbacks starting with Sunday’s game, you have to go all the way back on Nov. 27, 1983 to get to No. 500. Peyton himself needed 16 years to get to 500. The Browns needed 31 years and 36 quarterbacks.

2. Manning has victimized the Houston Texans the most of any team.

Of Peyton’s 503 touchdowns, he’s thrown the most (48) against the Houston Texans. Though that might seem odd,given that the Texans didn’t exist for the first four years of Manning’s career, Manning has played as many games against Houston (20) than he has any other team. After Houston, Peyton has thrown the most TDs against New England (41), Jacksonville (40) and Tennessee (35).

3. He’s thrown the fewest touchdowns against the Panthers, Browns and 49ers.

Up until Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals had been Peyton’s least-victimized team, as he’d only thrown four touchdowns in two career games against Arizona. By the middle of the second quarter, that stat was erased and the Panthers, Browns and 49ers earned the honors, having only been burned by Peyton five times each.

4. It took Manning 49 fewer games than Favre to reach 500 touchdowns.

Peyton reached the mark in his 244th game. Favre, who threw a record 508 touchdowns (which Manning is expected to break sometime this month), needed 293 games to hit No. 500.

5. Manning’s first TD pass came against the man who held the touchdown record at the time.

Manning’s first TD of his career was a six-yard pass to Marvin Harrison in garbage time of a Week 1 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Those Dolphins were quarterbacked by the then-NFL touchdown king, Dan Marino. (Favre passed Marino’s record of 420 TDs in 2007. Marino is still No. 3. His closet pursuer is Drew Brees, who is 50 TDs away from moving the Hall of Famer down another spot in the rankings.)

6. Peyton is more touchdown-prone against the NFC.

Given that he’s played his entire career in the AFC, Manning clearly has thrown more touchdowns against AFC teams. (It’s 359 to 144.) But when you average the numbers, he’s throwing almost a half-touchdown more per game against out-of-conference opponents. Manning throws 2.3 TDs per game against the NFC and 1.9 TDs per game against the AFC.

7. Peyton might own Monday night, but he owns Thursday night more.

No one ever bets against Peyton in primetime, but would you have guessed it’s Thursday, not Monday, in which he excels the most? Manning has thrown one more touchdown on Monday (36) than he has on Thursday (35), but he’s played six more times on MNF, which skews the result. That’s what happens when you throw seven on a Thursday night to open the 2013 season.

8. Manning has thrown the most TDs in the second quarter, while tossing the fewest in the first quarter.

Here are his breakdowns by quarter:

1st: 110

2nd: 153

3rd: 121

4th: 119

9. November and December are Peyton’s favorite months.

And his breakdown by month:

September: 115

October: 122

November: 131

December: 131

January: 4

10.Manning has thrown almost as many TDs in close games than blowouts.

This one was a surprise: Manning has thrown 197 touchdowns in games decided by 0-7 points, while tossing 199 in games decided by 15+ points.

11.Marvin Harrison (112 TDs) has been Peyton’s favorite target, by far.

Manning and Harrison, who played together for 11 seasons, are the most prolific QB-WR tandem in NFL history, well ahead of the next-best duo: Steve Young and Jerry Rice, who had 92 touchdowns. Here are Peyton’s most frequent targets after Harrison:

Reggie Wayne: 67

Dallas Clark: 44

Marcus Pollard: 34

Demaryius Thomas: 27

12. When he was 37, it was a very good year (well, except for the Super Bowl).

The most touchdowns thrown, by season:

 2013 (age 37): 55 touchdowns

 2004 (age 28): 49 touchdowns

 2014 (age 38): 48 touchdowns (current pace)

 2012 (age 36): 37 touchdowns

 2000 (age 24), 2009 (age 33), 2010 (age 34): 33 touchdowns

It could be a better year as Peyton Manning is getting close to break more and more records, but what important is, he's still enjoying football and the fans cheering for him 



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