12 Things British People Hate About Americans

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To start, American people are some of the loveliest you’ll ever meet and make us expats feel all warm, cuddly and very welcome. But just occasionally they do or say something that drive we Brits crazy. 

For example, when LeBron James met Prince William and Kate Middleton after the game, he just put his arm around the duchess. That’s so rude.

So maybe it’s time to conclude the 12 things that Brits really hate about Americans.

1.When They Pronounce Every Syllable

This may come as a surprise to some Americans, but strangely enough, pronouncing every syllable of every word makes us Brits wonder if you’re talking that slowly just to annoy us. Maybe so, but either way, pronouncing every syllable as though your life depends on it is really just necessary.

2.When They Use The Word ‘Burglarized’

What exactly is this word? You were burgled, not burglarised, and the culprit was a burglar, not a burglarizer, so please just stop.

3.When They Spell Words ‘Wrong’

Color, favor, labor, artifact, cozy, fiber, center. We didn’t invent the language with beautiful nuances and poetic quirks so you could “simplify” and “improve” it, and we particularly hate the squiggly red line that delineates the supposed mistakes we’re making, despite knowing that we are definitely right.

4.Always Telling Us To “Have A  Nice Day!”

We would be having a nice day if only we were allowed to go about our lives without being reminded to every second, thanks.

5.When They Are Overly Patriotic

Sometimes being overly patriotic is totally fine, such as during Olympic sports matches or Presidential events. Singing the national anthem every waking moment of every day, on the other hand, is not and never will be okay.

6.The British Vs American Pint Fiasco

To the Brits, a pint means 20 fluid ounces, but for Americans it’s just 16. This is both the first and last time that anything has been larger in Britain than America…

7.The American Flag Featuring Every Time We Choose English As Our Chosen Language

There’s something unquestionably wrong about choosing your language setting on a computer as English and being presented with an American flag. Yes, we’re possessive over our language. So, you can take your colors and your realizations and leave them across the pond, thank you very much.

8.Mixing Sweet With Savoury

Americans just love the chance to do anything bigger, better and always sweeter, so of course putting bacon on your pancakes with a helping of maple syrup or adding a topping of peanut butter to your hamburger is only logical…

9.Assuming Everyone Lives In/Near London

“Oh, awesome, you’re British. Do you live in London? No? Near London? No? Where else is there though?”

10.My Therapist Says…

Why does every American have a therapist? Well, all Americans on TV shows do anyway and that’s reality, right? But if we’re being logical about this, living in a country where you’re told to have a nice day even when you’re having the worst day of your life is probably enough for you to at least consider finding someone to open your heart to.

11.Claiming Everything Originated in America

Hot dogs? Nope. Baseball? No. Television? No, not that either. Despite the stories we have been told time and time again, America did not in fact invent any of these things or many others which we have been led to believe. Although, the Americans did invent bubble wrap, so at least we have that to be thankful for.


Just when you thought the Americans couldn’t make anything more confusing than they already do, they switch around the days and months when writing the date. Erm, is that the 5th March or 3rd May? It certainly makes booking flights that little bit more difficult.


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