12 Surprisingly Stunning Kids From Ugly Celebrity Parents

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It comes as a wonderful surprise when unattractive parents give birth to beautiful children. 

In a way, the whole experience seems to go against the law of nature and we are often left perplexed when we can´t contemplate things and its existence. 

Have a look at 12 surprisingly beautiful children from unattractive parents and be ready to be bemused!

1. Jay Z’s Daughter(Blue Ivy)

Honestly, Jay Z is no model. In fact, we don’t even think he had any claims to be one. 

But his special someone Bey is one of the most stunning women in the world. Of course many weren’t shocked when Blue Ivy turned as cute as she is, after all, there was a 50/50 chance right?. 

Luckily, she got the best of the lucky DNA by looks from her mom and not so much from Jay. You will agree with me that Blue Ivy is not only one of the luckiest kids but also one of the cutest mini mes’ ever.


2. Snoop Dogg´s Son (Corde)

Many would argue with Snoop Dogg´s inclusion in the list, but we must not confuse appearance with swag. 

The man looks malnourished and is all skin and bones. Surprisingly his son, Corde, possesses a different demeanor and is an absolute hunk. He has even walked on a few runways.  

We expect great things from Snoop´s son and we are glad that he took after his mother.

3. Eddie Murphy’s Daughter (Shayne and Bia)

Although Eddie Murphy is an expert at tickling our funny bones, he is not a handsome man by any stretch of the imagination. His expertise lies in the comedy scene. 

So, when his daughters, Bia and Shayne, grew up the way they did, millions all over were shocked to come into terms with the fact that their father was Eddie Murphy. 

Praise the Lord for helping them look more like their mother.

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