12 Shocking Moments Celebs Were Caught With Their Pants Down

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4. Paris Hilton – 1 Night In Paris

With two separate blunders to choose from, Paris has the interesting distinction of being a repeat offender. The biggest, of course, was the leaked sex tape. Prior to the tape, I had never heard of her, but that quickly changed afterwards. 

Miss Hilton also had a wardrobe malfunction, and her exposure of her hoo-ha made its rounds through media outlets everywhere. Paris tends to stay out of the limelight these days, but those images will live forever. Now that is hot.

3. Kate Upton – Photo Leak

In August of 2014, a wave of personal celebrity photos found their way onto the internet, and Kate Upton was among those affected. 

Often referred to as “The Fappening”, the photos shocked the world, and each person affected handled things as best as they could. Even photos of Upton’s boyfriend surfaced during the leak, because misery loves company.

2. Jennifer Lawrence – Leaked Photos

Among the laundry list of people who were affected by the “The Fappening”, Jennifer Lawrence may in fact be the most famous. She had several pictures that surfaced, and was very forward and candid through the ordeal. 

Though she was clearly upset at all that had happened (and understandably so), Lawrence kept her composure, and continued to deliver stellar performances, showing the world that nothing was going to keep her down.


1. Kim Kardashian – It All Started With The Tape

It all seemed to start with the leak of her sex tape with a celebrity’s brother. That leaked tape set people in a tailspin, and she has literally been a relevant name ever since. I’m not sure what she did before, and quite frankly I doubt that it was anything of note. 

All I know is that Kim Kardashian is everywhere, and it’s all thanks to one timely sexual encounter.

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