12 Satisfying Mega Drive Memories That Nintendo Kids Missed Out On

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Will anything in life ever top knocking your mates off their bikes on Road Rash?

1. Launching the cow in Earthworm Jim

Before you say anything, please note that the Mega Drive version came first, and had so many mad moments.


2. Fighting the Seven Force boss in Gunstar Heroes

It was literally seven bosses in one: A robot, gun, urchin, tiger, crab, eagle, and a beast with a spiked tail. In short, it made Bowser look like a piece of crap.

3. Pulling off your first fatality in Mortal Kombat

What was the point of that?

4. Knocking your friends into livestock and cars in Road Rash

What made it even sweeter was the fact that running back to your bike was painfully slow and, well, just plain painful.

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