12 Reasons Tell You Why Guys Like Short Girls

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9. They Feel More Secure In The Relationship

Being with a short woman gives more security to a man.

Men in general are very insecure even though they will never accept it so being with someone who is short makes them feel dominating and the fear of losing a girl does not come into play.

10. They Can Take Them Around Like A Trophy

Short girls are petite and very cute. They are like a guy’s arm candy (of course he loves her).

Being in a relationship with someone who’s attractive, adorable and completely loyal to them will helps guys to win some brownie points with their friends.

11. Short Women Are More Femingine

This is actually a fact. Short women have more estrogen content in their body which makes them much more feminine than tall women who have more testosterone.

I am not saying that tall women aren’t feminine but short women have a higher degree of sensitivity which really attracts men.

12. That's The Stereotypical Norm

A very obvious reason for guys to like short women is the traditional societal norm. Most of the guys have always dated women shorter than them so the degree of the difference didn’t really matter.

As long as a guy likes a girl, their difference in height doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

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