12 of the Hottest WAGS of the Wealthy

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8. Amal Alamuddin (Clooney)

If you follow Hollywood or watch TMZ, you know Amal Alamuddin is married to actor and resident hunk, George Clooney. 

In addition to getting America’s most notorious bachelor, Alamuddin is also a practicing human rights lawyer who has assisted the country of Armenia and their quest to fight genocide in their country.

7. Stephanie Seymour

Supermodel alert! Supermodel alert! Stephanie Seymour married Peter Brant. She was also formerly the girlfriend of Axl Rose and has starred in Guns N’ Roses videos. Do you remember the video “November Rain?” Yeah, that’s her. 

She has also done television and movies and appeared in several Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. Still, the question begs, do you want to be where Axl has been? Apparently Brant was cool with that.

6. Dasha Zhukova

Married to Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, Dasha Zhukova has the life. Not only is she married to a rich guy, she is also an editor of a magazine and fashion designer. 

Not enough? She also worked with renowned architect, Rem Koolhass, to create an art museum in Moscow. That’s a pretty cool life!

5. Salma Hayek

What a life… Salma Hayek is hot, one of Hollywood’s greatest, and is also married to rich guy Francois-Henri Pinault. 

Hayek, a Mexican-born actress, has appeared in movies such as From Dusk Till Dawn, Lonely Hearts, and Dogma. Hayek is worth an estimated 85 million on her own, and her husband is worth a slightly higher 15 billion dollars. They have been married since 2009 and also have a daughter.

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