12 New Anime Series From 2016 to Binge-Watch This Weekend

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Get ready to cancel all your upcoming plans.

1. 91 Days

Watch if you like: Old Hollywood, gangster flicks, mafia dramas

What it’s about: This Prohibition-era anime is a fast-paced mafia drama set over the course of…you guessed it, 91 days. Angelo Lagusa has returned to the town of Lawless after seven years in hiding after his family’s murder. Now he’s determined to befriend the son of those responsible for his family’s death in order to set his revenge plans in motion. There are no clear good guys and bad guys in this story. It’s a tight, gun-slinging series with a twisty plot that will enthrall you the whole way through.


2. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Watch if you like: zombies, apocalyptic settings, steampunk

What it’s about: The world is in the middle of the industrial revolution when a pandemic strikes, turning humans into horrifying, infectious corpses called Kabane. Thanks to its walls and fortifications, the island of Hinomoto is one of the last refuges of humanity…until the Kabane finally manage to break through. Right off the bat, this anime’s brisk, tense pace is more than enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for a full season.

3. Orange

Watch if you like: romance, slice of life, time travel

What it’s about: Naho Takamiya is in her second year of high school when she begins to receive letters from her future self. The letters beg Naho to make choices that will help her avoid feeling heartache in the future, especially when it comes to the transfer student who sits next to her. Gently-paced and beautifully illustrated, this lovely anime puts more emphasis on its characters than anything else, and presents us with a theme we can all relate to: living life without regret.

4. Mob Psycho 100

Watch if you like: psychedelic art, comedy, the supernatural

What it’s about: Mob, a lackluster middle schooler with a bowl cut, has extraordinary psychic powers. Because he realizes the danger of his abilities early on, he does his best to suppress them, which of course, results in them occasionally erupting when he gets stressed. This anime is a standout series in many ways, especially for its unique, almost feverish art style.

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