12 Most Beautiful Movie Duos We'll Never Forget

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Sometimes there are onscreen romances that have a chemistry so memorable, they stay in our hearts forever. Here are the most iconic movie couples that lit screens on fire with their babe factor and heart-fluttering romances.

1. When Harry Met Sally - Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal

The tumultuous relationship in "When Harry Met Sally" gave dudes in the friend zone hope all around the world. But no one can truly master the charming but quirky relationship these two lovebirds have. From platonic, bickering pals to picturesque, bickering couple.


2. La La Land - Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

This is a newcomer, but it really has an old Hollywood feel to it, and with a duo this stunning, how could we keep them off the list? Not only do we get to see these mega babes act together, but we get to see them sing and dance in scenes that will make you smile, and also shed a tear.

3. Dirty Dancing - Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

No one can forget the iconic lift in the water that people have tried to recreate many a time. Baby is played by Jennifer Grey, and her hunky lower-middle class boyfriend Johnny, is played by Patrick Swayze. In this case, opposites attracted, but those opposites were still both very attractive.

4. Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

The premise of this one isn't exactly a conventional love story, and maybe that's what makes this duo so perfect. An unfortunate but happy prostitute lives her daily life when a rich man happens to pick her up in a car, and the chaotic love story begins.

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