12 Mind-Blowing Vampires Facts That Everyone is Curious About

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The idea of the vampire is no longer a concept that society deems as scary, but sexy.

However, the hidden facts about vampire is still everyone curious about.

1. Sometimes It’s Better To Be Single…

Usually, the general thinking was that the first victim of a new vampire would be their wife or husband from when they were alive.

Because what doesn’t scream true love like rising from the dead to kill your partner in order for them to spend eternity with you.

Now, although death is inevitable for us all, no one wants to go prematurely, and especially not by the hand of their dead wife or husband.

2. Vampire Pumpkins Are A Thing

The pumpkin has been associated with vampire lore and although this may be a joke, it’s a joke that many peasants took seriously back in the day.

If a picked pumpkin was left outside for too long, it was believed that it would transform itself with vampiristic qualities, especially if it wasn’t eaten before Christmas.

Which is an odd way to think about food going off.

3. There’s A Reason Why Vampires Don’t Have Reflections

What makes us human? Is it our intelligence? Our consciousness? Our souls?

Traditional thinking says that it is our souls that define our uniqueness, and not our physical bodies which cannot enter these dimensions so they must remain on Earth when we die.

Instead, it is our souls that transcend and enter the gateway to either heaven or hell  or whatever you happen to believe in.

As vampires were once former humans, their death dictates that they would then be lacking a soul which means that they have no reflection in mirrors. 

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