12 Japanese Urban Legends That'll Scare the Shit Out of You

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Now you better sleep with the lights on.

1. Slit-Mouthed Woman

The legend: A woman was mutilated by her husband and returned as a pissed-off spirit. She'll ask if you think she's pretty, and no matter what you say, she'll cut your face with scissors. Count me out.


2. Daruma-san

The legend: A girl who slipped in a bathtub and gouged her eye out can be summoned in your bathroom and will follow you around the entire day. If she catches you, you're done for. So, don’t make friends in the bathroom, okay?

3. Hanako-san

The legend: If you knock three times on the third bathroom stall and ask if she's there, her hand will appear from behind the door - and sometimes it's bloody.

4. Onibaba

The legend: She's a horrifying monster who shape-shifts into an old woman to put everyone around her at ease. AND THEN SHE COOKS AND EATS THEM. WTF?

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