12 Hilarious Products That Failed So Hard You'll Buy Them

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7. Daddy Saddle

This product is extremely necessary for playing horsie. After all, only a commoner would ride daddy without a saddle.

8. Defecation Tea

It's good when a product is honest about what it does. But this is probably a little too honest.

9. Terror Cleaner

You can buy terror in three different flavors. But none of them sound particularly pleasant.

10. Virginity Soap

The problem with this soap? If you lose it, you'll never be able to get it back.

11. Zit Poppers Gummies

Fun fact: If you cover this candy with gummy hydrogen peroxide, they start to disappear!


12. Pee Cola

The best part about this product? When you drink it, you immediately start making more of it yourself!

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