12 Hilarious Products That Failed So Hard You'll Buy Them

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These 12 hilarious products just failed so hard that will make your day better.

1. Ab-hancer

The key to perfect abs isn't exercising. It's temporarily cutting off your circulation.


2. Angel Candles

These candles don't make any sense. Why are these angels carrying lightsabers?

3. Dinosaurs

We all know that dinosaurs went extinct. But clearly, it wasn't for a lack of trying.

4. Fanny Floss

If your dentist asks if you've been fanny flossing, leave immediately. That person is not a real dentist.

5. Mickey Microphone

Like the song says, "M-I-C...See you later, you're creeping me out!"

6. Anna Montana

This Anna Montana doll sings all your favorite Anna Montana hits. Who could possibly forget that great song, "Worst Of Both Worlds"?

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