12 Greatest Anime Big Brother Who Exceed All Your Expectations

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7. Shunsuke Otosaka, brother of Yuu and Ayumi (Charlotte)

For saving his younger brother and sister, and many more teenagers, he devoted his entire life risking it even after loosing his eyesight.

It’s a little complicated to explain it here but you must watch this anime!

8. Sora, brother of Shiro (No Game No Life)

Sora and Shiro, together they make blank, an undefeated duo when it comes to any game. Literally ANY!

They support each other’s weaknesses and can’t live without each other.

Together, they can defeat the entire world. You know what I am saying if you have seen this anime!

9. Elfman Strauss, brother of Lisanna and Mirajane (Fairy Tail)

This overprotective manly guy can do anything for his sisters. Literally anything!

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