12 Funniest Memes From 2015 Grammys

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When it comes to poking fun, the Internet rarely holds back, and this year's Grammy Awards were certainly no exception. 

Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram alike were blazing with commentary on everything from red carpet style to the many performances to take the spotlight during the show. Of course Rihanna's pink dress wasn't safe

Keep reading for the most brutal critiques, straight from social media.

1.Pharrell Williams was kind of asking for all those bellhop comparisons. 

2.Some thought Kim Kardashian was gearing up for a wrestling match.


3.Taylor Swift is kind of a dead ringer for Barbie, right? 

4.You have to admit, Iggy Azalea's hair looks a lot like that lady from 50 First Dates. 

5.Joy Villa's dress looked just a little too much like that orange stuff from construction sites. 

6.Katy Perry was clearly channelling the spirit of her Super Bowl sharks. 

7.Was Sia wearing a wig? Or was it secretly a shaggy dog? 

8.Iggy Azalea's hair looked like a very accommodating nest, apparently.


9.Kim Kardashian might have taken a dash of inspiration from Shrek.


10.Iggy's hair was definitely giving some bread vibes. 

11.Does this Greek statue look like Iggy or not?

12.Everyone clearly missed the left shark and the right shark during Katy's performance.


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