12 Famous Females Who Do Not Dress Their Age

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9. Pamela Anderson – 49

Here’s a no-brainer! Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame is 49, but she is still a blonde bombshell and a total knockout. And she is a sex symbol, and probably always will be. 

Anyway, Pamela is known for her big, bleach blonde hair and her even bigger boobs. Of those boobs, she says, “I don’t know now if I’d recommend surgery. Women’s bodies are beautiful. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my breasts my whole life.” 

That is funny; from like every picture I have ever seen of Pamela, she seems to be madly in love with her greatest assets. Or maybe she is simply in love with the exorbitant amount of attention they bring her. 

Either way, she considers herself a feminist because “The true meaning of feminism is this: to use your strong womanly image to gain strong results in society.” Sure it is.

10. Bailee Madison – 17

Not so long ago, Bailee Madison was a cute little girl with baby fat who always played the sweet little sister type of character. Now she has come into her own, shed that baby fat, and is 17 years old. In fact, despite her baby face, that little girl is hardly recognizable under all the makeup. 

Like most Hollywood youth, as she gets older, the sexier she begins to dress. It’s like there is something in the Hollywood water these girls drink; they all seem incapable of going through their teen years without dressing as sexy as they possibly can. 

And like most of them, Bailee looks a decade older than she really is because of it. This photo makes her look so very much older not only because it is sexy, but she looks like she could be a 20-something professional on the way to work or something. Those legs and those heels only add to the image of an older woman, certainly older than 17.

11. Mayim Bialik – 40

Like Adele, and like her character Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, actress Mayim Bialik dresses frumpily in her real life, too. 

The former Blossom actress dresses like a grandmother at the tender young age of just 40. The vegan, neuroscientist, co-sleeping mom even admits it: “I don’t wear pants, or like them; I’m a Jewish woman who’s made the decision to wear skirts, so I wear mostly skirts past the knee… I like army boots, I like peasant skirts- sometimes together!” 

She also admits to having a lot of stuff from when she was in high school. To me that means she does not care about style, and it shows. But she has made her own style out of the frump; I call it nerd meets peasant meets grandma meets someone who is definitely not 40. Hey, 40 is the new 30, right?


12. Rowan Blanchard – 15

She plays Riley, the daughter of Cory and Topanga on Girl Meets World, the “sequel” to Boy Meets World. Rowan Blanchard, 15, dresses as if she were about 40. 

She wears stodgy patterns, frilly necklines, and suit-like apparel more suited to a middle-aged woman. Her clothes are a stark contrast to her very girlish face. She looks so young, in fact, that you can hardly help but notice the oppositeness in photos. 

Rowan does not feel a need to define her style, though. She says “My style philosophy would be to never define your style. Be whatever you want!” Ah, she sounds just as young as she looks- minus the clothing, that is. 

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