12 Famous Females Who Do Not Dress Their Age

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5. Adele – 28

The beloved Adele, who is neither too old to dress young or too young to dress old in the sense we have been talking about thus far, earns her spot on this list for an entirely different reason: her frump. 

That’s right; Adele who is loved by so many dresses like an elderly woman, and she does it often. She does look classier than most on this list, I will give her that. She is a beautiful woman, but she is only 28 years old. With so much life ahead of her, she should at least dress like it sometimes. 

This dress, for instance, looks like it was made out of curtains or a tablecloth or something. The fabric and the print are not only unflattering, but they just look plain old, and not in the cute, vintage way. 

But Adele considers her clothing elegant, not frumpy. She says, “Even if I did have, you know, a Sports Illustrated body, I’d still wear elegant clothes.”

6. Janice Dickinson – 61

Back to the older crowd now, we have the infamous writer and producer, Janice Dickinson, who is no stranger to dressing provocatively. 

The 61-year-old who claims to be the “first supermodel” likes to think she is 25 or something, or at least that is how it appears from the way she dresses. 

The above photo is just one of the many of Janice sporting tight clothing, cleavage, and making pouty fish faces at the camera. This photo is especially ridiculous simply because of the length (or lack thereof) of that teeny-tiny dress. 

Paired with those street-walker boots, she definitely needs to take a step back, take a look in the mirror, and realize she is not 20. That was four decades ago, and although she looks great for her age, she looks nowhere near young enough to pull off a look like that with class.

7. Madonna – 58

This should come as no surprise. “The Material Girl” singer certainly prefers to wear less material, if you know what I am saying. 

Showing some skin does not have to be sl*tty, and it does not mean you are trying to look young. But in a lot of these women’s cases, that is exactly how they come off. There is a way to look sexy and retain your class, but sadly Madonna did not get the memo on how to do that. 

In 2013, for example, Madonna attended the Billboard Music Awards wearing this get-up. Yes, that was her actual outfit. If you know Madonna, you know this is not out of the ordinary for her, but that does not mean she should be dressing like this at 58 years old. 

She was only 55 when this photo was taken, but still; you can order off the senior menu at 55, and even live in senior housing, so I think wearing fishnets and a garter belt (in public, no less) is a bit young for her. Or for anyone, really.

8. Charo – 75

Ok, maybe I am in the minority here, but until I started looking into ladies who dress inappropriately for their age, I had never even heard of Charo. But as it turns out, you cannot research this topic at all without finding her everywhere. That is because The Love Boat actress, who is 75, consistently dresses like she is 50 years younger. 

From her flamenco dresses to little sequined numbers to anything with glitter, fringe, or a slit, Charo will wear it, and she will wear it proudly. 

Oh, and with her signature half-ponytail lopped on top of her head, it is like she is living in the 1980’s (although, that would still make her in her 40’s, not her 20’s, but at least it is closer to her prime than it is now). Either way, Charo looks spunky and like she knows how to have a good time!

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